ISAF-JVI1 - ISA-88 : Functional Design of Industrial Automation and Control

Learn and apply the ISA-88 standard for the design of industrial automation and process control
The objective of this course is to learn and practice:
  • the basics of ISA-88: modeling, functional specification, industrialization, interoperability, data archiving and languages
  • its fields of application beyond batch processes
  • the status of the standard, its evolution and its relationship with the ISA-95, ISA-106 and B2MML standards


  • Production managers,
  • Operators of industrial facilities
  • Process and industrialization engineers
  • Responsibles for automation projects
  • Maintenance and engineering automation engineers


Knowledge of industrial control as operator, process engineer or automation specialist


This course is supported by documentation consisting of many slides, articles and forms for the practical use of the acquired knowledge.
The documentation is delivered electronically to the participants.


Open courses


In-house traiining


A Certificate of Competence is issued by ISA France for participation in open or in-house courses.
Jean Vieille participates to the ISA88 committee since more than 15 ans



  • ISA and other relevant bodies
  • Origin, objectives and structure of the standard
  • Latest developments

ISA88 Part 1

  • Object-oriented design
  • Physical model and Procedural Model
  • Equipment control
  • Recipe, Recipe / Equipment separation
  • Activity Model
  • Flow analysis, Delta ® Nodes

Other aspects of the standard

  • Part 2: Data Structures and Languages​​: SQL, XML, OPCBatch, PFC Language for the description of the exacutable recipe
  • Part 3: General Recipe: Industrialization process, PPC language for the product specification
  • Part 4: historisation of production information, audit trail, electronic signature

Automation projets

  • Management of corporate knowledge
  • Project approach
  • Example of application

Implementation technologies

  • PLCs and process controllers
  • Batch managers
  • Design Tools