Jean Vieille


Industrial systems control expert

Jean Vieille assists the directorate general, the operational and IT departments of industrial companies for the alignment of digital transformation with the overall performance objectives of their company.
He also performs missions of expertise, teaching and support in performance management, operational management of production (MOM / MES), interoperability, flexible automation, process control.
He contributes to the development of IEC61512 / ISA-88, IEC62264 / ISA-95 and B2MML standards.


Performance management
Digital transformation of industrial systems
"New technologies" IOT, Big Data, Blockchain...
Interoperability (ISA-95, B2MML)
Manufacturing Execution Systems / Manufacturing Operations Management (MES/MOM)
Flexible Automation (ISA-88)
Regulation of complex processes


Management consulting
Assistance to project owner
Requirements, specifications and documentation management
Expertise, training
Research, writing

Current positions:

SyntropicFactory (1987)
Independent expert 
Control Chain Group (2007)
Founder, associate
Interaxys (2014)
Associate director

Past positions:

2002 - 2006
Psynapses (Industrial management training and expertise) Founder, Associate
1997 - 2000
VISEO (InPAC - Industrial management) MES manager consultant 
1993 - 1996
MAIA (Automation and MES services and software) Founder, Director, developer 
1986 - 1987
METSO (Valmet - DCS vendor) DCS application engineer
1980 - 1986
FIVES / CNIM (Five Cail Babcock - steam generators) Project manager and Process control expert
1978 - 1980
ACTEMIUM (Saunier Duval - système integrator) Instrumentation and Control engineer
1977 - 1978
ROQUETTE Frères (Agro-chemistry) Maintenance deputy manager
1976 - 1977
TAAF (Crozet Archipellago) Power station operations and maintenance

Professional organizations:

ISA88 committee (since 1997)
ISA95 committee (since 1997)
ISA18 committee (since 2010)
ISA106 committee (since 2010) 
District 12 vice-president  (2003-2004)
France section president (2001)
France section vice-president (since 2010)
SC65A/MT61512 (ISA-88) Invited expert (since 2000)
JWG5/IEC-ISO62264 (ISA-95) invited expert (since 2005)
ROI justification WG
XML committee (since 2000)
International Federation for Information Processing (since 2010) 
TC5 - Information Technology Applications
Work Group 5.8 Enterprise Interoperability
Complex Systems Digital Campus (since 2016)
E-Laboratory on the Factory of the Future
Club AIS - Automatique, Informatique et systèmes (since 2000)
Web site development
Administrator (since 2000)