Performance and intelligence management

Managing performance at its root: Intelligence
Performance rewards smart organizations approaching their goals. Emergent property of complex systems, intelligence is potentially much greater than that of all its components. It is less dependent on the individual genius of its human actors than systemic factors of psychological, organizational and technical nature which may hinder or favor intelligence. At the forefront of industrial management, measurement and development of intelligence in industrial systems offers exciting prospects of progress relating to economic, environmental and social dimensions of their performance.


  • Define intelligence in the continuum of potential and kinetic information
  • Realize the organic nature of industrial socio-technical system
  • Search opportunistic and deterministic factors of intelligence
  • Represent the flow / observers matrix of the industrial system
  • Define intellectual criteria related to the competition, the environment, society, employees, customers, suppliers ..
  • Measure intelligence
  • Link performance to intelligence


  • Audit of the industrial system intellect
  • Workshop to determine the rules for measuring industrial system IQ 
  • Workshop to discover intellectual development or hindering factors 
  • Training