Organization, governance and perfomance

Alignment / rationalization of the management of industrial IT in the enterprise​.
The organization of the Industrial IT activities in the enterprise requires special attention to achieve efficiency that largely determines the intelligence and performance of the industrial system. The relations with or integration into the central IT department, the in-house expertise, the roles of applications and service provider partners, the interactions with operators,the framing of operating budgets, the definition of processes and roles, technology watch, the arbitration of technical choice ... are some of the topics that guide the definition of a suitable organization and governance to facilitate the alignment of the control chain with the needs of the industrial system.


  • Identifying Systemic positioning and relationships / conflicts with other organizational entities
  • Determine the contribution to the success of the company and align budgets
  • Define processes and functions
  • Manage knowledge, skills and partnerships
  • Develop an initial blueprint for organizational transformation
  • Support and promote the ongoing transformation of the organization


  • Audits and recommendations
  • Framing of the organization tranformation blueprint
  • Definition of functions and processes
  • Accompanying the transformation