MES-MOM functional design and interoperabiliy (ISA-95)

The international standard for interoperability and support for the operations of industrial facilities (MOM / MES)

IT must become a mature engineering discipline: manufacturers must take interoperability seriously. This is too often reduced to ad-hoc technical interfaces designed under the responsibility of system integrators. The robustness and scalability of IT architectures dictates the use of an enterprise language independent of applications to ensure their decoupling and facilitate interactions between equipment and between functions of the enterprise.The ISA-95 offers such a simple language to describe the industrial system, organize the  requirements gathering and write messages understandable by people and machines.

Topics of interest

  • Exegesis of ISA-88 and ISA-95 models
  •  Structural modelling
    • Physical, human and material/energy resources
    • Procedural knowledge
  • Behavioral modelling
    • Physical processes
    • Operations processes
  • Functional specification
  • Messaging specification

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