Industrie 4.0 cyber-physical systems and automation design (RAMI4.0, ISA-88, Delta-Nodes)

The fundamental principles of ISA-88 are more relevant today than ever

As early as 1995, the ISA-88 standard adopted the concept of cyber-physical system that is being promoted today by Industry 4.0 and the internet of industrial objects (IIOT) : an informational artifact integrates with the physical object that collaborates with others while participating in a deterministic orchestration.
This standard results from the experience of a large multinational automation community going well beyond recipe sequencers and batch processes.
DeltaNodes developed by Rhône Poulenc and Jean-Michel Rayon at the same era adds the formal modeling of physical flows that allows a strong coherence between the actual facility, its sensors, its actuators, the product and the processes.
The set provides a solid foundation for cyber-physical and systemic automation.
Regardless these modern incentives, automation design is still poorly handled, thanks to easy, no-cost coding compared to expensive, hard wired electromechanical relays and pneumatic controllers of the past. Any automation engineers may benefit of thes principles.

Topics of interest

  • Object-oriented design, equipment entity, cyber-physical system
  • Physical model, procedural model, process model
  • Equipment control
  • Physical process control
  • Specification of product development requirements
  • Physical flows modelling
  • Integration of physical processes with management processes
  • Interoperability: SQL, XML, OPC data structures
  • Procedural Function Chart (PFC): specification language and supervision of executable procedures, recipes
  • Process Procedure Chart (PPC): specification language for physicochemical transformation processes
  • Process Industrialization, PLM, from R & D to execution
  • Historization of production information, audit trail and electronic signature 
  • TR88.00.02 / PackML: application to packaging machines
  • Management of corporate knowledge
  • Projects methoology
  • Specification forms
  • Process controllers and PLCs
  • Batch managers,
  • Design tools

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