Neuromorphic system ontology and semiotic interoperability

A neuronal and genetic approach to aligning organization and information technology on organismic, complex system nature of the industal enterprises 

The concept of ProductProcess was coined by Bernard Tanous in early 1990's. The current smart/future/I4.0 industry interest denotes its relevance to address rapidly evolving technologies, products and business models.
The neuromorphic system ontology builds on the Nature's fractal structure and embedded evolution to provide a highly simple, robust and flexible modelling framework to design and monitor organizations, applications and their interactions.

Topics of interest

  • Ontologies hierarchy
    • Neuromorphic reference ontology - Top level ontology
    • Neuromorphic domain ontology - Industry specialized ontology applying OBM/ABE methodology
    • Contextual inheritance : application, project, enterprise, network of enterprise
  • Product and processes are the 2 faces of the same coin
  • From genetic coding to morphogenetic execution
  • Orchestrated and autonomous processing agents, BPMN, SFC, PFC, PPC...vs neuromorphic routing
  • Fractal process homothety
  • Triadic relationships and semiotic interoperability 

These  concepts and applications are promoted by AGHAREN under the OBM/ABEtm.agHaren Consulting image
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