ISAF-JVI5 - ISA-88/106/95, B2MML - Automation, MES/MOM and interoperability

Learn and apply the ISA standards for interoperability and functional design of automation and industrial IT
The objective of this course is to apply a popular series of ISA standards covering the design of automation, process control and industrial IT (MES / MOM *) for discrete, continuous and batch processes through:
  • a comprehensive approach to industrial process control from planning to instrumentation
  • a method for managing projects and the continuous development of information support to the production system
* MOM: Manufacturing Operations Management - MES : Manufacturing Execution Systems


  • Managers and functional experts in engineering, maintenance, R & D, supply chain, production and quality
  • Managers, project managers, industrial IT and automation specialists


Basic knowledge of production management and industrial automation as operator, process engineer, IT spcialist, automation specialist


This course is supported by documentation consisting of many slides, articles and forms for the practical use of the acquired knowledge.
The documentation is delivered electronically to the participants.


Open courses


In-house traiining



A Certificate of Competence is issued by ISA France for participation in open or in-house courses.

Jean Vieille participates in ISA95 ISA88 et B2MML committees since more than 15 years.


Introduction to ISA-88 / IEC 61512

Overview, Physical, Process and Procedural models, Recipes, Delta ® Nodes, ​​PFC and PPC Languages to specify the products and to describe the physical processes

IIntroduction to ISA-95 / ISO 62264

Overview, activity and data models, applications in production, logistics, maintenance, quality control

Introduction to ISA-106

Physical model, procedural requirements model, procedures implementation model, relationships with ISA-88 and ISA-95

Industrial architecture

Alignment of the 3 standards on a spatio-temporal upper model
  • product asset, know-how
  • Current assets (materials, energy)
  • Physical and human assets
  • Equipment control / automation
  • Control of physical processes
  • Management of the physical processes
  • Management operations / business processes


  • Example of using the ISA-95 models
  • Transactional model
  • Design methodology for interfaces
  • B2MML, Extension mechanisms