ISAF-JVI2 - ISA-95 : MES/MOM functional design and interoperability

Learn and apply the ISA-95 (IEC/ISO62264) standard for the design and interoperability of manufacturing IT.

Training course and workshop on Manufacturing Information Technologies

(MES/MOM:  Manufacturing Execution Systems Manufacturing Operations Management)
The objective of this course is to learn and apply efficient design practices for manufacturing IT based on the popular ISA-95 – IEC/ISO 62264 standard:
  • Modelling of physical processes, business processes, resources and knowledge
  • Use for gathering / analyse requirements and develop functional specifications for MES / MOM applications
  • Use for exchanging information between MES / MOM / ERP applications
  • Status of the standard, its evolution and its relationship with the ISA-88 and B2MML
* MOM: Manufacturing Operations Management - MES : Manufacturing Execution Systems


  • Plant managers, manufacturing operations managers
  • Participants to MES/MOM and ERP projects 
  • Automation engineers
  • IT specialist in charge of interfaces
  • Manufacturing Business/IT consultants


Basic knowledge of production management and industrial automation


This course is supported by documentation of 600 slides, articles and forms for the practical use of the acquired knowledge.
The documentation is delivered electronically to the participants.


Open courses (2 days)


In-house workshops


A Certificate of Competence

 is issued by ISA France or ISA Belgium for the successful participation in training courses.
The editor of this course participates to ISA95 committee  since more than 15 years - also an invited expert in IEC TC 65/SC 65E/JWG 5


Overview of ISA standards for Control Design and Interoperability

  • IT transformation lifecycle
  • Language and models
  • Modeling framework
  • ISA standards 

ISA-95 Introduction

  • Overview
  • Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Evolution
  • Manufacturing system lifecycle

Resources & Knowledge modeling

  • Physical resources
  • Human resources
  • Material resources
  • Resource context
  • Physical process knowledge 


  • Physical process Management
  • Operations management: Resource management, Definition management, Detailed scheduling, Dispatching, Execution management, Performance analysis 
  • Functional specification


  • Transactions
  • Interoperability methodology
  • Interoperability modeling example