ISA-88 - IEC61512

The international standard for the design of automation and control of physical processes
ISA-88 is a standard for the design of flexible automation developed for batch processes, but widely used for all types of industrial processes. Well mastered, it offers simple and robust concepts for better facilities operations and transformation, easier system integration and smart software design.

Objectives of ISA-88 mastery

  • Leverage a wealth of experience to develop flexible and scalable automation applications
  • Specify the design requirements of automation based on ISA-88 (it is not enough to mention the standard!)
  • Reduce the cost of automation projects and capitalize knowledge - put into action object design
  • Reduce maintenance costs and facilitate the development of applications
  • Build a production data center 


  • knowledge and maturity assessment of teams  (basic concepts, applicability of the standard)
  • Compliance assessment of products
  • Identification of standard implementation opportunities
  • Training

Jean Vieille participates to the ISA88 committee since more than 15 years